Sunday, 27 January 2013

Speculoos tiramisu with chocolate sauce and coffee (EN)

Here is my famous and -so far- secret recipe for a speculoos tiramisu which will send you straight to heaven.

Imagine several layers of smoothy mascarpone cream and homemade speculoos soaked in coffee or chocolate (or both). And to make it even more tasty, you can also add amaretto (or any other liquor).
If you want your cream to be compact enough, I will recommend you to prepare this dessert the day before (as I made this recipe for a cooking class, we waited only a couple of hours, which is why the cream on the picture looks quite soft). Indeed with cold, eggs whites will thicken the cream and the speculoos will melt into the mixture and give it more flavour.

I also baked my own speculoos (very crispy) but so goooood!!!

Ingredients for 6 people

250g mascarpone
100g brown sugar
20 speculoos cookies
4 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
30cl very black coffee (espresso) and / or 50g melted chocolate mixed with 20cl hot water
Bitter cocoa
2 tbsp amaretto

Break eggs and separate egg whites from yolks.

Whiten egg yolks, gradually adding brown and vanilla sugar. Mix well, adding sugar to obtain  an even, foamy mixture. Eggs and sugar should form a very firm ribbon.

Add mascarpone to eggs and mix with a whisk.

Beat egg whites until quite stiff.

Fold egg whites into egg / mascarpone mixture. Fold in carefully with a spatula, lifting mixture gently. Make sure egg whites do not collapse.

Pour the coffee (or chocolate sauce) in a deep dish. Add the amaretto. Dip speculoos cookies in dish.

Line bottom of a dish with a layer of cookies. Cover the layer of cookies with mascarpone and egg mixture. Alternate layers of cookies and cream and end with a layer of cream.  For a better presentation, use a pastry bag to form nice peaks.

Refrigerate dish for at least 4 h. You can also prepare your dish the day before. The speculoos will then infuse the mixture even more.

Serve portions sprinkled with unsweetened cocoa powder. 

My tip : Before the last layer of cream, you can also add chocolate sauce at the top, then cover it with the last layer of cream. With the tip of a knife, gently draw shapes.

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