Saturday, 6 October 2012

The restaurant Monticelli : feel like you were home ... and Italian (EN)

rue de Lombardie 28A - 1060 Brussels.
Closed on Sunday.

This place doesn’t need to be introduced anymore, but it’s never enough when it comes to speaking about a good spot.

It’s the second time I go there, although the first time the place wasn’t so famous and you didn’t have to book ahead. Now be sure to book in advance if you want a table (there are two services, one at 7pm and the other at 9pm). But although it’s now the place to eat in Saint-Gilles, my second experience was even better than the first one, when I ordered pasta with green asparagus. 

Located near the town hall of Saint Gilles, the place itself doesn’t have any particular charm and that’s just what makes its charm. Dishes are served in big pans, right in the new trend: no “chichis”, Italian traditional meals made of fresh and top quality products, a familial atmosphere. We had the pleasure to have the owner who served us and on top of being very helpful and nice, he can go on forever about the origins of the products and the way each meal is cooked. And last but not least, an enjoyable wine list to accompany your meal.

On the menu, only three starters and two main meals are starring. I like it! At least you’re sure they know what they're doing!

I chose the pasta with porcini mushrooms: I am a beginner in the art of loving mushrooms. But I was totally blown away by the creamy homemade pasta and the porcini mushrooms were perfectly seasoned!
Some of my friends ordered the mozzarella as a starter, I tried a bit and had to struggle hard not finishing it. The mozzarella was tasty and creamy in its core, heaven!

Others ordered the saltimbocca, a traditional Italian meal made of veal wrapped in prosciutto and cheese and cooked in the oven. They were served with fried polenta and braised endives.Delicious, though I found the taste of my dish more refined. 

We had two bottles of an Italian red wine with a light taste of vanilla and berries, recommended by the owner. Also super good!

And what makes you smile when you leave the place is that the bill goes well with the unpretentious atmosphere: only 13,50 euros for the pasta and 15 for the saltimbocca. But unfortunately, this place can’t become your cafeteria as they change the menu only once a month, or so…

In January, the restaurant will move to Uccle, rue Edith Cavell. Too bad, when you’re a lazy person like me who likes going out at the corner of my street!


barbara said...

haaaaaaaaa mais je ne connaissais pas cette bonne adresse, merci pour l'info !!

Dans l'assiette des autres said...

Je te la recommande chaudement!

Candice said...

Testé le risotto à la betterave actuellement à la carte. Surprenant mais tellement bon !


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