Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jack - England (EN)

Credit : Dave Walsh, Irish photographer
Here it is! It has been a while since Dans l'assiette des autres didn't get into a guest's kitchen. Or at least manage to collect all the material to publish an article (maybe some of you know what I am talking about...). But it was worth waiting, regarding the menu prepared by our super chef Jack.
Jack is one of my very good friend's boyfriend and the first time I met him, we instantaneously talked about food. And we couldn't stop! According to his girlfriend Yolaine, he even counted all the meals he has left before him! Saying that, you could imagine how happy I was to meet another food passionate.

For this article, Dans l'assiette des autres was invited to a farewell dinner, where Jack didn't count the calories and provided us with a fancy dinner based on a mix between English and French traditional meals.On the menu : grilled mushrooms on a toast, tartiflette with grilled apples on the top and an indecent triffle as dessert. Everything was so good I couldn't help but refill my plate until everything was over.

Let's discover another vision of english cooking with his interview and his recipe of Luxury (boozy) Trifle, an ancient typical aristocratic English dessert. Some of the guests will tell you that it was more alcohol with trifle rather than trifle with alcohol. Regarding the fact that I told my entire life to my table's neighbours, there might be some truth in there.

What are your culinary sources of inspiration?
The seasons really. After the desert that is March-May, along comes rhubarb and its a rollercoaster from there, with so much to look forward to as the season rolls out.

A cooking tip?
Start off following recipes til you get the hand of how processes and ingredients work, then go your own way.

A last minute dish?
Nigel Slater has a fantastic tuna pasta dish that takes 2 seconds to make. Cook pasta, throw in a good slug of fresh cream, salt & pepper, chopped capers, a can of broken up tinned tuna and a big handful of well chopped parsley.

A dish you cannot resist to?
There are so many, so one for the winter: potato dauphinoise cooked with big chunks of smoked mackerel to marry with the cream, ummmm.

The dish you're the most proud of?
Hmm, my mum and I once cooked a hot and cold buffet for 140 people at my brother's wedding, lunch and supper. It took a week!

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barbara said...

miam miam, ça fait drolement envie dis donc, les petits champignons mmmmmmmhhhh !! bises, bon samedi !!


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