Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Brussels in loft - A unique experience! (EN)

Do you remember? In one of my last articles I told you about this new concept in Brussels : a pop up restaurant in a former chocolaterie..

What an experience to cook and serve 40 people! I learnt a lot, my adrenaline peak reached the maximum at the time we had to serve the 20 magrets with sides, but luckily I could rely on a top-class team to help me!

Thanks again to the organizers who let me playing "the chef" for one evening and to the guests who trust me. And bravissimo for those successful 8 nights, a combination of art performance, good food and a unique atmosphere! They were all sold out!

For this special evening I wanted to challenge my creativity playing with dishes which would visually mislead the guests. I then chose to create an "upside down menu" :
  • Café gourmand (aubergine purée and basil whipped cream, savory biscotti and puff pastry)
  • Duck magret with coffee sauce (sweet potatoes cream, celery and carrot brunoise, french fries)
  • Tomato and basil (candied tomato on a sablé breton pastry, creme patissiere, pinenuts, basil and white choclate flakes)
 Appetizers also looked like "kids cakes", and was served at the top of big skewers.

According to the guests, the highlight of the menu was the dessert. I candied cherry tomatoes for 3 hours on a low fire with loads of spices which revealed the balance between acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes. And this went pretty well with the softness of the vanilla creme patissière as well as the crunchy sablé breton pastry. Pinenuts and basil also plaid well their role of flavour enhancers, even here in a dessert recipe.

Here is the recipe.

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